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Notes for Y Strainers
Posted: 06/15/2015 10:23:45  Hits: 481
If you want to the Y-strainers have stable performance and long service life, you need to pay special attention to these following aspects:
1. Although the Y-strainers are closed, there are still media and pressure in the body. Before overhauling ball valves, you should first close the stop valve and then completely release the internal pressure. But for Y-strainers or pneumatic ball valves, things are quite different, and you should disconnect the power or gas supply first.
2. Before using Y-strainers, you need to wash the flow part of the pipeline and valve body to avoid the residual iron and other debris entering into the body cavity.
3. Generally, Teflon (PTFE) is used as the sealing material for soft-seated ball valves while metal seated ball valves are welded by metal. For the cleaning, you need to be cautious during disassembling process so as not to damage to the sealing ring and cause leakage problems. If there is a small leak in the course of padding, you can tighten the stem and nuts.
4. Before cleaning Y-strainers, first you need to make sure that the solvent is not corrosive. You can use gasoline to clean the gas ball valves. And for other components, you can use water instead. When cleaning, be sure to clean the residual dust, grease and other attachments thoroughly. If not, you can use alcohol or other cleaning agents to clean the valve but not to damage the valve body and other parts, and remember to assemble the valve after the cleaning agents are all volatilized.
Notes for Y Strainers