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Main Installation Points of Spring Safety Valve
Posted: 12/09/2014 16:08:48  Hits: 1015
There are so many aspects we need to note for spring safety valve installation.

First of all, before installing safety valve, be sure to test the seal performance. If there is relief valve leakage or breakage of air cushion, it is needed to change immediately. Then, we can get the best use of it. 
In the process of installation, the first premise is to pay attention to using vertical installation for all parts of the relief valve. The installation angle should be precise and regular. Tools should be used to make the corresponding auxiliary, which can make the installation process smoothly and effectively.
Second, during the installation of spring safety valve, it is not appropriate to exert pressure on the valve outlet. It is best to export directly out here, which is a good way to make safety valve to effectively work. Then, this can help us get the best effect, have better use experience and install it in place better.
Third, it should be paid attention to the operators' hands. It is best to let the operators wear the corresponding gloves so as to avoid oil pollution problems on the relief valve. If not, this will affect the safety valve sealing effect, and at same time it may lose the whole service life of relief valve.
Finally, it should be noted that there must be at least two operators at site in the process of spring safety valve installation. Moreover, it can not be used at once after it is installed. Instead, it should be tested first. After ensuring that the safety valve can work normally, it is acceptable to use it again.
Main Installation Points of Spring Safety Valve