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How to Maintain Control Valve Daily
Posted: 03/19/2015 16:46:05  Hits: 848
It can be divided into two parts to maintain control valve daily: patrol inspection and regular maintenance.
As for patrol inspection, please do these following works:
1. Check the supply energy (hydraulic oil or power) of control valve and its related accessories.
2. Check the system operation of hydraulic oil.
3. Check whether the connecting pipes and joints are loose or corroded.
4. Check whether there is any abnormal sound, noise and vibration of valve core and valve seat.
5. Check whether the action of control valve is flexible and whether there is any change when the control signal changes.
6. Find out the problem timely and solve it in time.
7. Make the record and file the patrol inspection everyday.
As for regular maintenance, the works are as follows:
1. Clean the control valve regularly and add oil lubrication to its accessories. 
2. Adjust or replace the sealing parts when necessary to keep the sealing of static-dynamic sealing point.
3. Check the connection of each connection point. Once corroded, please change the connecting pieces if necessary.
How to Maintain Control Valve Daily