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Four Major Advantages of New Ceramic Valves
Posted: 10/07/2015 17:19:48  Hits: 651
At present, with hundred years of development, metal valves have been widely used in China's industry. Limited by the conditions of metal material itself, though there had structure and material improvements, metal valves are increasingly unable to meet the high wear, strong corrosion and other harsh working conditions. Short service life and serious leak have greatly affected the stability of the system. Traditional metal valves need to be overhauled from materials, design and manufacturing processes, etc.
As the new material of the 21st century, advanced ceramic materials have been more and more valued by scientists and were applied to industrial valves as a bold and useful innovation.
According to the experts, the new ceramic valves have four major advantages: First, sealing parts and wearing parts are made of high-tech new ceramic structural materials to increase wear resistance, corrosion protection, sealing performance and service life. Second, ceramic valves can greatly reduce the number of maintenance, improving the security, stability of the operation system, reducing labor intensity and saving repair costs. Third, ceramic valves can improve the tightness of industrial piping systems, while maximizing avoid the leakage problem and protect the environment. Fourth, with extensive raw materials and low cost, ceramic valves can save a lot of metal materials and scarce mineral resources. Aluminum, carbon, silicon and other common elements can produce ceramic materials with superior performance.
New ceramic valves are mainly used in electric power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, sewage treatment and other industries. When especially in high wear, strong corrosion, high temperature, high pressure and other harsh working conditions, ceramic valves can demonstrate their superior performance. As science and technology continues to evolve and progress, the ceramic material formulation, molding, machining, assembly technology, and other technologies are more mature and complete, ceramic valves therefore have been more and more recognized by the industry because of their excellent performance.
Four Major Advantages of New Ceramic Valves