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What Kinds of Fields Do Valves Enter
Posted: 01/08/2015 17:34:20  Hits: 720
For valve market distribution, the biggest user of valves is petrochemical industry, electric power department, metallurgy department, chemical industry and urban construction department mainly on the basis of the construction of the project.
It is analyzed that the main trend of valve products’ market in the next period of time is as follows:
1. With the transfer of oil development to the inland oil fields and the offshore oil fields as well as the development of thermal power, hydropower and nuclear power, whose power is developed from below 300,000Kw to 300, 000Kw more, valve products also need to change properties and corresponding parameters according to the change of equipment application. 
2. A large number of low pressure valves are general used in urban construction system and it is developed to environment-friendly and energy-saving direction. Namely, low pressure iron gate valve used in the past is developed to towards environment friendly rubber sheet valve, balance valve, metal sealing butterfly valve and the midline sealing butterfly valve. Oil and gas engineering is developed to the direction of pipeline. Then, it definitely requires a lot of flat gate valves and ball valves.

3. The other side of the energy development is energy conservation. Therefore, it is essential to develop steam trap valves towards the direction of subcritical and supercritical parameters in terms of energy conservation.

4. The construction of the power station is developed to large-scale direction. Thus, it needs large diameter and high pressure relief valves and reducing valves. At the same time, it also needs valves which can be opened and closed quickly.

5. For package engineering, the valve supply is developed from a single kind to various kinds and more specifications. The trend that valves that an engineering project requires are provided by one valve manufacturer is more and more obvious.
What Kinds of Fields Do Valves Enter