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Valve Export Profit Margin Is Declining in China
Posted: 10/06/2014 16:31:36  Hits: 800
At present, China's valve industry's exports profit margins are declining. This situation is caused by many factors. Then, what factors cause valve export profit margins in China lower?
First of all, China's valve industry technical threshold is relatively low, so there are so many small firms among this industry and there are not enough big brand enterprises.
Second, the homogenization phenomenon of China's valve industry products is very serious, leading to overcapacity which has an impact on profits.
Third, some China valve products' quality and reliability is not high, which harm the valve export product image in China. Therefore, it brings about negative effects on opening up foreign markets for our country 
In addition, the appreciation of RMB also brings exchange rate risk, which is one of the factors that affect valve exports' earnings.
How to deal with the present export situation for the valve enterprises in China?
1. Strengthen technology innovation. It is necessary to rely on the pursuit of product quality and efficiency to actively expand the market and promote the benign development of the industry.
2. Grasp keenly the market demand and the development of new technology, improve the added value of valve products and enhance their ability to form a complete set of engineering.
3. Establish and improve the valve industry standard, provide good atmosphere, such as product innovation, the enterprise internal management innovation and so on and promote the healthy development of the valve industry.
4. Grasp the future development trend of valve market, have clear and definite priorities, and explore the potential market.
Valve Export Profit Margin Is Declining in China