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Valve Companies Should Adhere to Energy Saving Ideas
Posted: 07/30/2015 14:34:33  Hits: 485
Recent Chinese State Department have issued "Made in China 2025", which clearly pointed out that green manufacturing and green development are two of the main development direction. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will implement the "Made in China 2025" to fully carry out the green manufacturing policy and to establish an efficient, clean, low-carbon and recycling green manufacturing system. China has strengthened the support for energy conservation and environmental protection industries, encouraging and supporting valve industries to develop with energy saving ideas. Also, some valve foundry industries have followed the national policy to make adjustments and explore a new development path so as to respond to the call of the national energy and environmental protection.
In recent years, although many valve companies have realized the importance of developing energy saving products, they just enhance the technical level of the design. The concept of low carbon environmental protection means that companies have to pay more time and money to the research and development and the enterprise management. Though companies in the process will meet many difficulties and challenges, this is a good start for the entire valve industry.
In fact, the development of low-power products can not only make contribution to environmental protection, but also reduce users’ costs, helping them minimize the cost to achieve maximum benefits. Generally, good sealing performance and high sensitivity can reflect the environmental protection of a valve. Compared with Q641F pneumatic ball valve, Q941F electric ball valve with larger energy demand will cause more severe air pollution. Energy saving valves can reduce the environmental pollution, as well as decreasing the users’ costs. Therefore, they have a very broad market and low energy products have become the mainstream of the development of the entire valve industry.
Energy-saving and environmental friendly products in the future will gradually favored by the users. Valve manufacturers have started to produce related products, and those enterprises which do not pay attention to the research and development of energy saving products will probably lose the opportunity to stand out. In order to earn a place in this fierce competition, companies should adhere to energy saving ideas for a better future.
Valve Companies Should Adhere to Energy Saving Ideas