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Useful Ways to Prolong the Service Life of Ceramic Valves
Posted: 08/12/2015 16:58:52  Hits: 365
Two-piece structure is the earliest infrastructure of ceramic valves. During the use, however, we found that this structure is not reasonable, so later we developed three-piece structure and it is often used on double seat valves. Now, we have a brief knowledge about the main structure of the ceramic valves, so how to maintain them and prolong their service life.
First, we need to clean ceramic valves after the assembly, completely cleaning the rust, wire and other impurities out.
Then, before using ceramic valves, we’d better to work them on a maximum opening, such as 80%. Thus, erosion, abrasion and other damages will be occurred outside of the section of damaged spool. After removing the pipeline impurities out, we can adjust the opening to a larger size, which is little bigger than the normal size.
Increasing the caliber is another way to prolong their service life. When a valve is in small diameter, the flow velocity will become fast and make a more powerful damage to the valves and their accessories. Therefore, customers are advised to calculate the caliber out before assembling and use the maximum allowed diameter to assemble valves so as to reduce the damage to a minimum extent and prolong the service life of ceramic valves.
Useful Ways to Prolong the Service Life of Ceramic Valves