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Two Main Kinds of Common Faults of Safety Valve
Posted: 12/04/2014 16:48:18  Hits: 658
American standard safety valve in industrial production is used very frequently. This kind of safety valve has many advantages such as high cost-effectiveness, wide scope, as well as good safety protection. In addition, safety valve is also hard to avoid appearing some small faults in the long-term usage process. Then, how to deal with these breakdowns?
The common faults of such safety valve can be divided into two categories. The first kind of common fault is the relief valve leakage. Once it has leakage problem, we need to immediately stop the operation of the whole machine. At the same time, leakage reasons of safety valve are needed to be found out effectively. Then, we can do the corresponding solutions.
Why does safety valve have leakage problem? In general, the reason is that some parts of American standard safety valve are poor contact with the base. Or during the production process, there also may be some impurities which fly to the relief valve. So, it produces obstacles and gaps. Above all, as long as we find the reason, it generally can be handled easily by staff.
Another kind of common fault is that the relief valve does not work. That is to say, when the safety valve set the pressure value, the relief valve is not open automatically. There are many reasons why this case would occur. For instance, some safety valves may be used for too long time. The valve core and valve seat may adhere together because of oil pollution problems, so it doesn’t work.
However, it is possible that the setting has problems. The spring pressure value of the inside of the American standard relief valve is set too high, which makes the sensing threshold valve is relatively high. Then, the safety valve can't sense things normally. Thus, problem like this is needed to be solved by professional maintenance personnel who can detect, search problems and repair it specifically and eventually make it return to normal.
Two Main Kinds of Common Faults of Safety Valve