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Troubleshooting Methods for Electric Drive Butterfly Valve
Posted: 04/10/2015 11:59:26  Hits: 463
This technical article gives us brief introduction about the common failure and troubleshooting methods for electric drive butterfly valves.
Whether they are manual, pneumatic, hydraulic or electric, every part of these products should be strictly debugged before they leave the factory. When inspecting the sealing performance, users should uniformly fix the inlet and outlet on both sides, close the butterfly valve and pressure the inlet side to see if there is any leakage phenomenon on the outlet side. Before the trial about pipeline strength, you should open the butterfly plate so as to prevent the seal air compressor valve, spring safety valve, low lift safety valve, stainless steel relief valve, steam safety valve and power station valve.
Although our products are inspected and tested strictly before they leave the factory, there are still automatic screw dislocation problems in transit for individual products. So you need to readjust the pneumatic valve and hydraulic valve, etc. Please read the matched instruction of drive operation.
Electric drive butterfly valves have already adjusted the opening and closing trip correctly of control gear when they leave the factory. In order not to mistake the direction of power resource, users should open the manual operation to half operation after the power on. Then, press the electric switch to see if the indicating dial and valve are in same direction.
Troubleshooting Methods for Electric Drive Butterfly Valve