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The Definition and Feature of Sanitary Butterfly Valves
Posted: 06/23/2015 16:05:47  Hits: 566
As a modern classic work for butterfly valves, sanitary butterfly valve has become very popular among industries. So what are sanitary butterfly valves, and the characteristics?
With high-precision CNC lathes, the interchangeability of sanitary butterfly valves can be guaranteed, eliminating the problems of lessening their performance after replacing rubbers. Nylon bushings are inserted on the stem to reduce the friction force thus the valve can be opened and closed flexibly and easily. Sanitary butterfly valves have high hygienic quality because the steel parts are all made of stainless steel and their rubbers are all food-rubbers.
The body diameter of sanitary butterfly valves is same with pipe diameter. So, when you open the valve, the direction of narrow streamlined valve plate will be consistent with the flow, and there is no material accumulation. With flip-type and pull-type handles, sanitary butterfly valves can withstand higher operating torque and difficult to pull off. Also with closing ranges from 0 to 90 degrees, they can be fixed in every 15 degrees position. From this you can see sanitary butterfly valves are easy to operate with adjustable resistance and quick on and off. What’s more, they are simple to maintenance and the body can be disassembled or assembled easily. Sanitary butterfly valves also have beautiful structure, bright surface, with no dust and glitches. To ensure the high quality and long service life, they need to do rigorous strength and sealing tests and over 30,000 times fatigue life testing.
It seems more necessary to accelerate the development of sanitary butterfly valves because of their wide application in industry, agriculture, food, manufacturing and other industries. We do believe that in the country and the government's strong support, there will be a better future for sanitary butterfly valves. Now, although they are facing lots of problems, we are still full of confidence about their future.

The Definition and Feature of Sanitary Butterfly Valves