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Tarim Oilfield Has Exported 100 Million Tons Oil
Posted: 11/11/2014 15:17:03  Hits: 1583
By the end of early November this year, Tarim oilfield has totally exported 100 million tons crude oil over 25 years, effectively ensuring the national energy security and promoting the economic and social development in Xinjiang.
In recent years, Tarim oilfield has been comprehensively promoting the pipeline integrity management, carrying out the annual and monthly crude oil export plans, doing fast shipping, speeding up the velocity of turnover and realizing the balanced running of production, transportation and sales.
At present, six crude oil export sales spots of Tarim oilfield are in normal operation. The selling crude oil in these spots has achieved a virtuous circle of production. And sales of crude oil have formed the big pattern of spreading to Lanzhou, Dushanzi, Urumqi and other places as the center of Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture.
The deep reason that the exports of Tarim oilfield crude oil reach 100 million tons is the increasing production capacity. In 1989, after successfully exploiting crude oil in Lunnan and Twojing of Tarim oilfield, there was only 34,000 tons crude oil at that time. In recent years, Tarim oilfield carries out exploration integration, realizing the high level and high benefit of oilfield development, guaranteeing the stability of crude oil’s output growth of the oilfield by the production mode of "less people, high effectiveness". In 2013, Tarim oilfield crude oil newly increased 941,000 tons, and the export of crude oil reached 5.5417 million tons.
Tarim oilfield is located in the northwest of vast Xinjiang Tarim Basin of China. At present, Tarim oilfield has totally proven oil reserves nearly 900 million tons, establishing a solid foundation for subsequent oil exploration and development.
Tarim Oilfield Has Exported 100 Million Tons Oil