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Notes for Pneumatic Butterfly Valve Installation
Posted: 12/19/2014 16:54:42  Hits: 647
Here are some main tips for installing the pneumatic butterfly valve we should notice.
1. Before installation, check whether pneumatic butterfly valve has missing parts or not. Ensure that each part model is correct. And there are no other objects within valve and it is clog-free in solenoid valve and the muffler.
2. Close the valve and cylinder.
3. Hit the valve by cylinder to see whether the screw holes are justified or not. If there is a little deviation, turn the cylinder block a little, then tighten the screw.

4. After the installation of pneumatic butterfly valve, it is necessary to debug it (normally, the gas supply pressure is 0.4 ~ 0.6 MPa). When it was debugged, you must close or open solenoid valve manually, observe the operation of pneumatic butterfly valve. If finding it is a little strenuous in the initial stage during the opening and closing process, you need to turn down the cylinder a little until the valve can be opened and closed smoothly and without any leakage. Also, it is important to note that the adjustable silencer can adjust the valve opening and closing speed. However, the speed can not be adjusted too slowly, otherwise it may cause the valve could not work.
5. It is essential to keep dry before installation and it can not stored in open air.
6. Before installation, the pipeline is needed to be checked in order to make sure that there are no other objects like welding slag within the pipe.
7. The manual start and stop resistance for pneumatic butterfly valve should be moderate, and butterfly valve torque should match with the selected actuator torque.
8. The flange specifications need be correct when connection. And, pipe wafer flanges are in conformity with the standards of butterfly valve flange. It is recommended to use special butterfly valve flange instead of slip-on welding flange.
9. Confirm the flange welding is correct. It is not allowed to weld flange after the installation of butterfly valve so as not to burn rubber parts.
10. Mount all flange bolts and tighten then with hands. After confirming that the butterfly valve have matched with flange, it is needed to be paid attention to open and close the butterfly valve to make sure that it can be opened and closed freely. 
Notes for Pneumatic Butterfly Valve Installation