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Large Diameter Drainage Valves Growing Steadily
Posted: 03/25/2016 15:28:19  Hits: 176
Currently, there are only a few of manufacturers can meet the requirement of technical equipment. While in the valve manufacturing industry, most of manufacturers still focus on general diameter valve. In terms of the valve manufacturing, capacity and output value of large diameter drainage valves will show the trend of steady growing.
With Chinese proportion of urbanization constantly increasing and urban population highly growing, water supply in waterworks and sewage treatment in sewage treatment plant are growing gradually. Diameters of pipe network are also constantly growing. So, various large diameter or ultra large diameter drainage valves are demanded. The construction of projects belonging to water conservation, including flood prevention, storm drainage, irrigation, water supplying and discharging, hydroelectric generation, conservation of water and soil and water conservation has exuberant demands for large or ultra large diameter drainage valve. However, current capacity and output value of large or ultra large diameter drainage valves cannot meet the increasing demands on downstream market. In the next few years, China will continue accelerating the new projects on treating Huaihe River and inductive processes for the Taihu Lake, Dongting Lake and Poyang Lake, promoting the treatment on key rive reaches such as Ningxia-Mongolia river reach of the Yellow River, middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River. Adding with the carrying out of South-to-North Water Diversion, the century project, demands for various valve products are constantly driven, especially large diameter gate valve, large diameter inlet butterfly valve for water turbine, ultra large diameter inlet ball valve for water turbine, ultra large diameter flow control valve and ultra large diameter vacuum valve. Due to technical requirements for large or ultra large diameter valve higher than those for general valves, additional value of single product is also higher, having higher processing level for products.
Sewage treatment plays a leading role
Environmental water conservancy equipment including gate, check gate, grille remover, mud scraper, disposal equipment of sludge and process equipment for solid waste, is firstly used for sewage treatment. Because environmental water conservancy equipment belongs to non-standard products, the products should be processed according to the requirements of customers, without standardization, seriation and generalization, which requires that the supplier should have the abilities that deeply understanding customers’ demands, rapidly carrying out plant of products and technologies, efficiently dealing with supply chain, precise quality processing, cost control and induction. Those abilities are originated from accumulation of experience in long-term operation, which are also the primary competitiveness of suppliers.
Drainage valve is an indispensable water industrial product, which is firstly used for drainage project, industrial or daily sewage treatment. Among that, various medium or low pressure valves such as butterfly valves and gate valves. Ball valves, check valves, vent valves, plug valves, diaphragm valves, reducing valves, basins valves and mud valves are also included.
Secondary treated water from urban sewage treatment plant is the most commonly used. The water has two applications: direct recycling and direct application. Direct recycling is commonly used for farm irrigation and pasture near waterworks. However, the routes and methods of recycling are limited by territory. And it is still singular and inconvenient for distribution. What’s more, although the water has already been artificially intensified and disinfected, improper application or control may still cause problems, because the water is not naturally purified.
In 20 years, Chinese technical level of environment water conservancy equipment has already been highly improved. During engineering test and constant improvement, some manufacturers have formed their own plans. Product level is constantly advancing. The quality of products has already been significantly improved and the market area is also expanded. During scientific research tackling, the whole level of environment water conservancy including plan, processing, manufacturing and inspection is highly improved. The technical level of primary products can meet the requirements of sewage treatment in China. Some manufacturers use new materials to improve corrosion resistance of products further, enhancing the reliability of operation and automation level of equipment.
But, Chinese vale manufacturing industry is mainly still medium or small corporations. The current competition is focusing on low-end products. Informal competition approaches are disorganizing the expansion of market, causing serious damage to the valve manufacturing. With the acceleration of valve industry recombining, the future competition will focus on quality safety and brand of products. The products will develop into high technology, high parameters, corrosion resistance and high service life, constantly improving the level of Chinese valve products. Under such environment of huge demands, Chinese valve manufacturing industry will have a good prospect. According to statics, large and ultra large drainage valves account for about 50% and 60% of total valve sales in drainage. From 2009 and 2011, the market size was 8.24 billion RMB, 9.55 billion RMB and 10.58 billion RMB respectively.
Large Diameter Drainage Valves Growing Steadily