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Installation for Low Temperature Gate Valve
Posted: 09/11/2015 16:15:27  Hits: 533
Installation for Low Temperature Gate Valve
1. Check the cavity, sealing surface and other parts before installation, no dirt or sand attached;
2. Bolts for every joint are required to be evenly tightened;
3. Packing site need to be compressed to ensure the seal performance of the packing and flexible on and off;
4. Before installation, users need to proofread the valve model, connection size and media flow direction. Be sure they are consistent with the requirements;
5. When installing a low temperature gate valve, there must leave a necessary place for valve drive;
6. Drive unit wiring must follow the wiring diagram;
7. Valve itself should be regularly maintained, collision and extrusion is not allowed.
Low temperature gate valve is suitable for methane, liquefied natural gas, hexene, carbon dioxide, ammonia, oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid hydrogen and other cryogenic mediums.
1. In order to prevent abnormal pressure of the cavity, there should be a relief hole at the inlet side of gate valve.
2. The top length of the valve bonnet is determined by the working temperature so as to ensure the sealing performance of the stem packing.
3. Rationally choose the material of the packing, gaskets and other components according to the working temperature.
4. Strict control of the material chemical composition and mechanical properties.
5. Using a variety of pipe flanges standards and sealing surface types, suitable for various engineering projects.
Installation for Low Temperature Gate Valve