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How to Maintain Electric Butterfly Valve Daily
Posted: 09/22/2014 17:01:57  Hits: 654
Due to the wide application of electric butterfly valve, the service time inevitably influences its quality. However, is there a good way to maintain and protect them? Today, here we introduce about the relevant maintenance methods of electric butterfly valve.
1. Electric butterfly valve should be saved in dry and ventilated indoor space, and path ends must be blocked.
2. Those electric butterfly valves of long-term storage should be checked regularly, remove dirt and smear it with rust-proof oil on the surface of the processing face.
3. After installation, it should be checked regularly. The main inspection items:
(1) The sealing surface wear pattern.
(2) After repair and assemble the electric butterfly valve, it should be tested the sealed performance.
(3) The wear pattern of valve rod and trapezoidal thread of valve-stem nut.
(4) Whether packing is outdated and loses efficacy or not, if any, it should be replaced in a timely manner.
There are a few phenomena that are not allowed to appear. 
1. The electric butterfly valve can not loose. If you find the clamp nut on the hand wheel loose, you need to tight it in time in order to avoid wear joint or lose the handwheel and nameplate.
2. It is prohibited to beat, stand persons and bear heavy objects on the electric butterfly valve which is running especially for non-metal electric valves and cast iron electrically operated valve (EOV).
3. It is banned to replace by a wrench. It should be matched completely in a timely manner. The packing gland can not skew or preloaded gap. For those which are vulnerable to snow and rain, dust, sand blown by the wind, etc, the valves’ stems need to install protection cover. The ruler on the electric butterfly valve should maintain complete, accurate and clear. The lead sealing, block shot and pneumatic accessories of electric butterfly valve shall be complete and in good condition. Heat preservation jacket should have no sag and crack.
How to Maintain Electric Butterfly Valve Daily