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How to Install Electric Hydraulic Control Valve
Posted: 10/28/2014 16:55:36  Hits: 623
Hydraulic control valve should be installed the filter and also should convenient for the requirements of pollution discharge.
Hydraulic control valve is a kind of valve body that wet itself by water instead of being lubricated by adding engine oil. If the main parts within the king valve are damaged, please follow the following instructions to disassemble it. Note: the general wasting and damaged things inside the valve are diaphragm and O type ring, and other internal components are not so easy to be damaged.

1. First, close the gate valve at the front and back ends of the main hydraulic control valve.
2. Loosen the screw of the tubing coupling of the main hydraulic control valve and release the valve pressure.
3. Take down all the screws, including the necessary copper pipe nut in the pilot line.
4. Take down the valve deck and spring of hydraulic control valve. 
5. Take out of axis core, diaphragm, piston, etc. Pay attention to avoid damaging the diaphragm.
6. After taking out of all the above things, you should check whether diaphragm and O type ring is damaged or not. If not, please do not again voluntarily grab its internal parts.
7. If the diaphragm or O type ring of hydraulic control valve is damaged, please loose the nut on the axis core. Gradually decompose the diaphragm or circle, and then replace them with the new diaphragm or O type ring.
8. Examine carefully whether the main internal hydraulic control valve seat, shaft core and other components are damaged or not. If there is other debris inside the main valve, clear them immediately.
9. Replace the combinations of components in the reverse order, and then install the main valve. It should be paid attention to the fact that there is no jamming phenomenon.
How to Install Electric Hydraulic Control Valve