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Disassembly and Cleaning of Gate Valve
Posted: 10/23/2015 08:12:51  Hits: 676
1. Preparations
a. Select valve wrench, screwdriver, pry bar, machining bars and other tools according to its required specifications.
b. Prepare an appropriate amount of cotton yarn, detergent and valve seal pad, fillers, lubricants, etc.
2. Procedures
a. Operate the gate valve to the fully open position.
b. Clean the remaining medium out.
c. Use wrench to remove the flange bolts, hold the appropriate parts of the gate with a sling and lift the gate valve with suitable lifting equipment.
d. Disassemble the flange, inspect and clean valve chamber, gate, stem head, flange gaskets, etc.
e. Broken flange sealing gasket need to be replaced. Apply a layer of butter on both sides of the gasket before installation.
f. After cleaning, make the stem set into the gate and make stem guide slot aligned into the body guide ribs. Enclose the body, move hand wheel, work bolts and tighten nuts.
g. After debugging, gate valve should have a pressure test according to corresponding testing procedures.
h. Pick up tools, clean site.
3. Skill Requirements
a. While working, no collision on gate and the seat surface. Note the direction of the mounting surface of the valve plate and you can mark it before disassembly.
b. All parts should be thoroughly cleaned.
c. The individual parts should be load in original shape, and be adjusted to the appropriate location.
Disassembly and Cleaning of Gate Valve