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Difference between Solenoid Valves and Electric Valves
Posted: 07/25/2015 16:04:22  Hits: 592
First, from the perspective of structure cost, solenoid valves have simple composition structure with an electromagnetic coil as the main component. And for their performance, solenoid valves can only play the switch function. Although the use of electric valves is very similar with solenoid valves, their performance and facilities are too more superior than the former. Therefore, the price is also more expensive.
Because of their different characteristics, these two kinds of valves are used in different occasions.
Solenoid valves: they are more suitable for gas pipeline, especially in small pipelines, with dd two manipulations.
Electric valves: controlled by AI, they are more often used in liquid, gas breeze system to recuperate the media flow. In the breeze system of large valves, electric valves can also be used as the two-way switch.
Solenoid valves: with DO control, they can be only used as a switch in small pipeline control, usually in DN50 or less than DN50.
Electric Valves: with DO control or AO control, they often have AI response signals, such as big breeze pipeline valves.
They also have differences in the nature of switch. For solenoid valves, although they only have simple opening and closing functions, their reaction speed on driven electric loop is fast. While for electric valves, they respond slowly on switch because of the motor-driven.
Difference between Solenoid Valves and Electric Valves