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Common Problems for API Safety Valves
Posted: 07/10/2015 15:57:50  Hits: 580
With high performance, wide scope, good security and other advantages, API safety valves have widely used in different industries. However, during the long-term using process, safety valves are inevitable to meet all kind of problems. And the following is the introduction about how to deal with these failures.
Failures for API safety valves can often be divided into two categories, the first common one is the leakage problem. Once this happened, we need to immediately stop the whole operation, find out the reason and then go ahead with corresponding solutions.
Generally, for API safety valves, because of the poor contact between the base and the inside components, leakage problems will bring out. Some impurities may get into the safety valves through the air gas, and cause the obstruction. But normally it can be easily solved if the staff found the reason.
Another problem is that safety valves do not work, that is to say when reaching the constant pressure value, the valve doesn’t open automatically. There are many reasons for this situation, for example, because of oil contamination and other problems, the core and seat for some safety valves which have used for a long time may stick together, so that the valve can not work normally.
There also have problems for the setting. If the spring pressure for an API safety valve is too high, then its interaction value will be relatively increased. In this case, the best solution is to ask the professional maintenance stuff for help, finding out the problem, doing targeted repair, and then making it back to normal.
Common Problems for API Safety Valves