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Brief Introduction about Ceramic Valves
Posted: 12/28/2015 14:45:39  Hits: 175
Metal valves have been widely used in many industries for hundreds of years. Thought their structure and material have been improved, they can not meet the increasingly harsh working conditions because of the material restrictions. However, on the other hand, using ceramic materials in industrial valves is a bold and useful innovation.
With small deformation, ceramic material has much higher bonding strength than metal material. Generally, crystal ion, material of ceramic materials, has small radius and high ion price. All of these properties determine the tensile strength, elastic modulus and hardness of the ceramic material. Because of brittleness and difficult to machine, ceramic itself can not be widely used. Over the last decade, due to the development and progress of the martensitic toughening technology, composite materials technology and nano-ceramic concept, its brittleness, toughness and strength have been greatly improved, as well as the applications. In recent years, new ceramic valves have got a wide application in the petroleum, chemicals, machinery and other industries.
Ceramic valves can not only greatly improve the fluency and sealing performance of industrial pipe systems and increase the security and stability of equipment operational systems, but also play a positive role in energy saving and environmental protection. Ceramic material has small deformation, strong tensile strength and compressive strength, high hardness. With technology and innovation today, ceramic valves have got more and more attention and recognition at home and aboard.
Brief Introduction about Ceramic Valves