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Application and Features of Oilfield Valves
Posted: 07/15/2015 16:33:55  Hits: 612
Application of oilfield valves
Oilfield valves are widely used in chemical, petroleum, natural gas, power plants, coal mines, construction, steel, light industry, sewage treatment and other industries. Because there are often hard particles, fibrous dirt and other objects in the media, so oilfield valves, which are treated as lifting devices, can play a great role in the piping system.
Features of oilfield valves
1. With advanced design concepts, oilfield valves have incomparable characteristics, which can effectively solve the long unsolvable leakage phenomenon caused by the damaged sealing surface of gate valves.
2. To meet diverse customer requirements, oilfield valves have two systems: national standard and ANSI standard, and there are different kinds of valves for each system, such as universal valves, flat type valves and special oilfield valves.
3. With spring self-sealing structure and special sealing surface, the residual dirt (such as sand, welding slag and other attachments) can be cleaned drastically while the sealing surface will not be damaged in any way.
4. Because the spring self-sealing structure can automatically compensate the normal wear and tear of sealing surface, so oilfield valves with strong sealing will have zero leakage rate. Also, on the other hand, it can greatly improve the service life of oilfield valves and save the cost of the enterprises.
5. With special switch mechanism, common gate valves will not be easily stuck due to the large temperature change.
6. Automatic sewage system is set up at the bottom of the oilfield valves so as to always keep the body cavity clean and free of residue.
7. Equipped with dust-proof mechanism in the body, dirt can no easily enter into the cavity so that the internal mechanism of oilfield valves will not be out of control.
Application and Features of Oilfield Valves