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Advantages and Maintenance Tips of Plug Valves
Posted: 03/31/2015 14:14:03  Hits: 655
1. Plug valves are often used for operation, and it is convenient to open and close quickly.
2. Small fluid resistance.
3. Simple structure, relatively small size and light weight. And it is easy to be maintained.
4. Good sealing performance.
5. No limitation for the installation direction and the flow of medium can be arbitrary.
6. No vibration and low noise.
Installation and Maintenance Matters:
When a plug valve is installed, these following four points should be noted in order to avoid damage and fully play the working performance of plug valve.
1. Be sure that plug valve is fully opened. Heat the tube first. Then, transfer the heat from the pipe to plug valve as much as you can so as to avoid the prolonged heating time of plug valve itself.
2. Use cloth or steel wire brush to clean pipes and cutting parts to make the metal surface bright. Steel wool is not recommended.
3. Cut the tube firstly along the vertical direction, then trim, remove the burr and measure the diameter.
4. Apply flux to the outside of tube and the inside of solder cup and the surface to be joined must be completely covered. Please use flux in moderation.
Advantages and Maintenance Tips of Plug Valves