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A New Development Force Boosts Valve Industry
Posted: 10/20/2014 17:13:56  Hits: 664
Valve industry has been developing in China for decades. From the beginning of a very extensive development to the present intensive innovation, the valve industry has passed through a difficult and brilliant period on the basis of the specific market situation of industry development. Although the current domestic valve industry still exist many problems, the overall situation is still developing towards the good direction.
During the decades of valve industry development, valve standards also have got rapid development. The development of valve industry is relatively stable, but there's still nonstandard competition in the industry. For instance, part of the operators start the secondary sales after renewing and repainting the worn-out valves, bringing serious security hidden danger to the engineering quality and severely disrupting the valve market order.
With the continuous development of valve technology and the continuous broadening of the valve applications, the matching valve standards are becoming a more and more indispensable section. Valve products have entered into the innovation period. Not only the product category needs to upgrade, but also the enterprise internal management needs to deepen reform according to industry standards.
Therefore, we need to make full use of existing standards. At the same time, we should look forward to the future and study new standard and new system which can be applied in the future so as to promote a higher development level of valve technology.
Valve industry in the future will develop towards the two main directions: one is to developing from single species to more varieties and specifications. The other is developing in the energy-saving direction.
A New Development Force Boosts Valve Industry