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11 Technical Features of Fully Welded Ball Valve
Posted: 12/25/2014 16:55:12  Hits: 605
Here are eleven major technical characteristics of fully welded ball valve if you want to know more about fully welded ball valve.
1. The body structure of fully welded ball valve is welded. Therefore, there is no external leakage phenomenon happening.
2. The seat of fully welded ball valve consists of PTFE sealing ring and spring, which is adaptable to changes in pressure and temperature. And there is no leakage within the range of application.
3. The valve stem belongs to leakage structure. There is a PTFE self-styled sealing gasket and an O type sealing ring at the bottom of the valve stem. There are two O type sealing rings and two PTFE gaskets on the top of the valve stem. Then, this can ensure no leakage.
4. The valve body material is the same as the pipe material. So, there will be nonuniform stress. In addition, it also won't be deformed if compressed by earthquake or vehicles pass through the ground.
5. The valve body is light and is easy to stay warm.
6. Buried ball valve can be directly buried underground. There is no need to build tall valve chamber. It is a good choice to set up small types of shallow chambers on the ground, which will greatly reduce the construction cost and save the project time.
7. The length of valve body and the height of valve stem can be adjusted according to the requirements of the pipeline construction and design.
8. The machining accuracy of valve body is very precise. Its operation steps are very convenient without adverse interference.
9. There are two kinds of connection ways, namely welding and flanging.
10. The mode of operation: handle and gear (vertical/horizontal).
11. Under the condition of normal operation, the valve guarantee period is 20 years.
11 Technical Features of Fully Welded Ball Valve